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What Is In Thy Hand

W.I.T.H. Ministries  And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand?   Exodus 4:2

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Our Mission

We desire to help the local church, to be, encouraged, equipped and excited about evangelism. We partner WITH God and you in the task of fulfilling the great commission.


W.I.T.H. Ministries believes that many saints fail to witness / evangelise for many reasons. One that stands out most is our thinking that we have nothing to give; that we don't have the proper tools or training. This may be so - that may hinder - but it should not stop us.

W.I.T.H. Ministries will help you see and develop the tools that are in thy hand.

W.I.T.H. Ministries is designed to give you the confidence to use what you have for God. In Exodus 4:2 of the American Standard Version of the Bible it says And Jehovah said unto him, What is that in thy hand? And he said, A rod.

W.I.T.H. Ministries wants you to see that WITH God's help what is in thy hand can help save the people that God has called you to influence and/or lead.

W.I.T.H. Ministries provides a biblical, practical and well balance approach to fulfilling the great commission in ones life.

W.I.T.H. Ministries will help equip you to get on track and provide a non guilt ridden motivation for evangelism. (Not the feeling guilty about not witnessing is a bad thing. But we wish to free people up to use their natural abilities and the tools that are at hand.)

W.I.T.H. Ministries through seminars and evangelistic/revival preaching want to help our communities and churches be touched for Jesus.

W.I.T.H. Ministries wants to challenge you as we have been challenged. “What is in thy hand” are you using it or leaning on it.

W.I.T.H. Ministries has a goal to see people get saved! Do you share that vision?



This seminar will encourage, edify and equip in the area of evangelism.

Key Benefits
1. Geared to the smaller church.
2. Grounded presentation with cutting edge methods and technology.
3. Gripping examples of how you can be an evangelistic tool in God's hand.
4. Godly interaction, designed to allow and to get you on the move for the kingdom.
5. Great way to introduce the great commission to a church.  

This seminar uses the Bible as the text and a manual as a guide post. The seminar works in a large or small setting. A minimum of ten people is requested in order for the seminar to incorporate all of its tools. It is recommended that the seminar be held over a two day period such as a Friday evening and all day Saturday. Perhaps all day Saturday, Sunday morning preaching WITH an evangelistic thrust and finish up WITH a session on Sunday evening.

Keep in mind to get the most out of it WITH Ministries needs ten hours WITH you. A shorter one day session is also available, but much more intense. As well; we can provide an expanded seminar over 15 hours and it is well worth the time. The 15 hour seminar can be done over 5 nights; 2 Saturdays etc.

You will find WITH Ministries most flexible. We desire to serve and exist to help equip and encourage you.



In need of holding evangelistic meetings. Prayer fully keep us in mind.

Key Benefits
1. The Christ of Calvary needs to be preached.
2. The Community you are called to serve maybe ready.
3. The Cost to the host church is minimal.
4. The Church will be moved to pray.

Many of our communities are struggling to stay afloat and would like to hold special meetings. They don't or can't because of lack of resources, money, workers and prayer. W.I.T.H. Ministries is available to help you to have those meetings. The preaching is Biblical, prophetic at times, always anointed and animated. The preaching comes WITH a money back guarantee; in that if your not satisfied WITH the preaching you received you may keep your love offering to help pay for your next meetings speaker.


                                                                W.I.T.H. Ministries has provided a portion of its governing constitution.  
                                                                The Bylaws of W.I.T.H. Ministries are available but not on this website.

A. What Is In Thy Hand Ministries is formed to encourage Christian Faith by, ministering to people in Canada and/or across the world and, by providing Humanitarian Aid to help alleviate poverty and suffering, the objectives of What Is In Thy Hand Ministries are:
1. to hold Public Services in Churches and/or Halls in Canada to encourage people in the pursuit of Christian lifestyles through study of the Holy Bible.
2. to minister to individuals who have spiritual or physical needs by meeting with them individually in their homes and/or our Offices.
3. to be involved with travel to Other countries with the purpose of teaching in Churches and/or Halls to advance Christian Beliefs.
4. to care for the poor and the sick in Canada and/or in other countries by providing Humanitarian Aid and/or Services, as we are able.
5. to own and/or maintain buildings that would promote the purposes and goals of What Is In Thy Hand Ministries.

B. The operations of W.I.T.H. Ministries may be carried on throughout Canada and elsewhere.

C. The place within Canada where the head office of What Is In Thy Hand Ministries  is to be situated is Milestone Saskatchewan. Mailing address:         PO Box 149, 214 Main St   Milestone Sask., S0G 3L0 Canada

D. It is specially provided that, in the event of dissolution or winding-up of the organization, all of its remaining assets, after the payment of its liabilities shall be distributed to one or more qualified donees as defined under the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

E. The by-laws of W.I.T.H. Ministries shall be valid until repealed, amended, altered or added to. 

F. W.I.T.H. Ministries is to carry on its operations without pecuniary gain to its members and any profits or other accretions to W.I.T.H. Ministries are to be used in promoting its objectives.



Dates Unavailable in 2011:
January 9th    Moose Jaw / Swift Current                                   February 27th  Beaubier

March 25th     Firehouse Youth Event                                         April 17-24th  Easter Outreach in Regina (Week of Meetings)

April 29th       Firehouse Youth Event                                         May 2nd -4th  Conference Days Saskatoon       

May 29th        Chinese Alliance Church Regina                            June 1st  Milestone Alliance Church (School Graduation Service)  

July 31st        Swift Current FCC                        

We want to help you WITH the harvest.

Please prayerfully consider WITH Ministries. Keep in mind that we are not full time on the road. So early bookings are suggested. Every Church, Camp, Ministry etc., WITH a need shall be prayerfully considered.

Contact Information                                                  

Telephone:  1-306-436-2219;      1-306-535-8807 (cell)                         

Postal address: 
    214 Main Street;  PO Box 149;    Milestone SK.    S0G 3L0    Canada
Electronic mail:  pastorrst@hotmail.com